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Switching TA Sections


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Hi All.

I just finished TAing my first quarter. I had some great students who I really enjoyed, and I got reasonably good evaluations. However, the time slot this section will have next quarter isn't optimal for my schedule. I decided to switch to one that would be easier on my schedule, but now I'm having second thoughts. On the one hand, it would seem I'd grow more as a teacher if I'm exposed to a wider range of students, but on the other hand if I had a good dynamic this quarter maybe I shouldn't rock the boat. Does anyone have experience switching midyear? Did you find it a help or a hinderance?

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I've done it before. But, I wouldn't have had the same students anyway. I found it to be both a help and a burden since I had to learn new material and make new lesson plans when many of my colleagues didn't. But, I also didn't switch just because the time slot was less than ideal.

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