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M.A. English w/o B.A. English?

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Hey Guys! This year I begin the long awaited adventure of submitting applications for Fall 2014 English MA programs. So far leading the pack is Oregon State University. However, here's the thing... I do not have an undergraduate degree in English. My undergraduate degree is in Speech Communications (3.4 overall GPA) harboring 12 English/Rhetoric/Comp credits (3.0 GPA) under my belt. With these credentials, I am curious as to if I could receive feedback as to the likelihood of acceptance for an MA program, specifically OSU if anyone is familiar with their program. I would apply for the Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture track as opposed to the Literature & Culture track. Even though I do not boast a BA in English, aforementioned I have taken several rhetoric, speech, and writing courses. That being said, is there anything I can do to compliment my application? Is anyone else applying to English programs with a degree in another field?

OSU School of Writing, Literature, and Film admissions criteria: http://oregonstate.edu/cla/wlf/node/146

(NOT needed for consideration to the program: B.A. in English, English/writing course prerequisites, GRE scores, minimum undergrad GPA.)


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I do not have a BA in English (it is in a related field), but I got into an English program for my MA. Just FYI, though, I did have to take some deficiency courses that did not count towards my MA.

So if you have a strong application and can explain your switch from speech communications to English, you should have a fighting chance.

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