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History Major, 3.47 GPA, looking for advice


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hello all,

my name is alex, first time here. As the topic says, I'm an undergraduate history major with a sociology minor (no focus) over at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. This school, as it just became a university, also just switched over to the +- system of grading. So far my grades have been stellar save for a first bad semester when i was a Comp-Sci major, and i've earned 3.75s and 4.0s every semester since then, resulting in my GPA being a 3.47...up until the end of this semester.

Long story short, I didn't do very well this semester due in major part to not taking my studies seriously--though i also had an internship and a part-time job--and my semester GPA is probably going to be somewhere around a 3.2. Most of my courses, however, were related to graduation requirements and not my major or minor. At the same time, though, i'm only a semester-and-a-half away from graduation.

So i have a question: what are my chances of getting into a masters program at a half-way decent school such as Denver University or CU Boulder in say, law, teaching or history? Also, does anyone have advice on studying habits, since mine--as someone who is dealing with an addiciton to videogames--have never been very good.

regards, alexandre charron-trudel.

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