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Sending in LOR earlier than deadline?


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I'm applying to some schools whose deadlines aren't until March-May, but they have rolling admissions. I've finished all of the applications.

I have two recommenders who have submitted their LOR the day of the deadline, but I would really like it if they could submit the others asap so I could hear back from those schools sooner rather than later.

However, because I'm asking them to recommend me for quite a few schools, I feel bad asking them to submit them as soon as possible. Any advice on how to phrase this to them? 

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Well, I would assume that the letters they write for each school will be similar, so they won't have to start each letter from scratch (or at least that's what my recommenders have told me). So asking them if they could get the others in soon shouldn't been a hassle to them. I think the best phrasing would be something like, "School X and Y have rolling admissions and I'd like my application to be considered as early as possible. If you have the time, do you think you could work on the recommendations for those schools now rather than close to the deadline?"

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