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Anyone heard from MIT, Georgetown, GWU?

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I'm curious if anyone has received any letters from MIT, GWU, Georgetown, Chicago for the PolSci PhD program?

I had applied to Harvard and Columbia but I haven't heard from them as yet and reckon that's a 'no'. I'm an international student and was wondering if the letters (the good and the ugly) are stuck in post.

Also, are GRE scores used as a first cut for the admissions process? ANy idea on this? Some departments told me they don't do that. But Grad students had other things to say.

ANy info would be really appreciated!


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Although I'm also waiting for MIT and GWU (received rejection from Chicago today, and didn't apply for GT), my guess is that MIT is out given the acceptance posting this year as well as the record from last year. GWU, on the other hand, sent acceptances in the mid-March last year, so I'm less pessimistic (but more nervous!) about GWU.

Another result I'm nervously waiting is USC (the POIR). Has anyone heard anything from it yet????

I've applied for 17 schools, and these are my last hopes...

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Georgetown was notifying yesterday so may be done (though I don't know that for sure). There was a GW acceptance on the board yesterday so I would expect decisions from them end of this week/next week sometime....hope that helps somewhat!

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im not sure whats the deal with georgetown.. i called yesterday because i needed to know ASAP what my decision was because i have a job offer i need to accept or decline this week. i explained this to them and was told that all decisions will be made by the end of this week.

--- i think someone else should call and ask whats up? :lol:

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