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Seminar at a Conference?

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So, my DGS was putting the thumbscrews to my MA cohort to submit to a regional literature conference. She liked my abstract, so I submitted it. They rejected it, because it didn't really fit in. (Thematically, it worked, but my background is in classical languages, and it was probably the only Greek paper at the conference, so I understand where they're coming from.) The organizer suggested I apply for a seminar, instead. None of the seminars deal with my topic, so it'd involve some extra research (versus getting to read an already-finished paper). A few are peripherally-related to my research interests, but nothing's really a slam dunk.


Is it worth signing up for a seminar, in terms of my CV? I'm presenting at a national conference next month, and I'm organizing a local conference next semester, so I might be set on research and service for Spring 2013. How does seminar participation rank with paper presentation? I'm sure it'd be an interesting experience, but being a poor graduate student, I don't think it's worth the drive and the hotel, if it's not going to be at least a nice little gold star to append to the end of my CV.

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