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The pre- and post- acceptance interviews


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I've been reading alot about pre vs. post acceptance interviews, and I was wondering how you know which one you've been invited to. I've just gotten an invite to a 3 day "recruitment weekend" and it got me thinking about what that means. I realize that the significance of interviews varies by school, so can everyone please share what they know about specific schools? Like for which schools is an interview just a formality, verses which schools actually use it as a final step in  the admissions process?


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It really depends on the programs and schools that you apply. I know Columbia CUMC phd programs generally reject more than 50% of the interviewees after interviews. And some other schools generally accepts more than 80% of interviewees.  

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I strongly advise treating every interview like it counts as the final step. Last year I applied to 11 schools, had 6 interviews, and got accepted to 3. It's very easy to be weeded out and not accepted, even at those "80%+ schools." The minute you let your guard down and stop trying, someone will step over you and take your spot. The 3 interviews I tried the hardest at, were the ones I got accepted to. Funny how that worked out.  

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