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Extremely short ``statement of aims and objectives"

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One of the schools I'm applying for asks for a statement of aims and objectives that is less than 100 words. This seems really, really short and I'm pretty confused as to what I could even write in less than 100 words. Anyone know what would be expected in this little?

The application also asks for a statement of academic/research interests (less than 400 words) that has to be entered before the application is submitted/LoRs receive their requests (slightly frustrated that the longer one has to be written before my LoRs are contacted, but that's life). If I'm writing this, what is my statement of aims and objectives even supposed to be?


Thanks for any advice! 100 words just seems tiny.

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I had a school with very similar requirements.  I had to give a one-paragraph summary of my goals, then I had to separately submit a 1000 word SOP.  In the one paragraph, I very succinctly stated my areas of interest and relayed that I wanted to pursue a career in academia.  I would say that perhaps the 100 words is asking for your "career goals" in pursuing the degree, and the 400 words is asking for specifically your research interests.  That would be my assumption if I saw this on one of my applications, anyway.

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Definitely agree with the previous poster.  The 100 words is enough for a paragraph.  Describe what you see yourself achieving in your career after studying at the specific program.  Use the 400 words to explain how you will get there: interesting courses you plan to take, professors you want to work with, research you will pursue, etc. etc. 


The 400-word essay can and probably should tie into the shorter essay and help paint a cohesive picture of why program X is a good fit for you, and vice versa.

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