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School Psych PhD Applicants?


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I saw that someone has posted to the results page about receiving interview invitations for School Psych PhD programs...and I couldn't find a thread here for School Psych applicants.

As a school psych myself, I was unsure whether to be perusing the Psych forums or the Education forums, so I thought I'd start one here...

Anyway, who else is applying for PhD in School Psychology? Where are you applying? etc...

I am finishing my Master's/EdS in school psych this spring and have applied to several PhD programs for the fall:

UNC Chapel Hill

UVA (Combined Clinical and School)

U of Washington

I've also applied to some more education programs, as before I was a school psych I was a SPED teacher. The ed programs are:

Vanderbilt/Peabody (LPO)





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Hey there! I too don't know whether to look at the psych or education forums. Glad you started this. I've applied to: University of Oregon, University of Washington, University of Iowa and UVA. I'm anxious to hear back! Hope it's not too much longer!

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Just jumping on to follow this thread. I applied to several Masters & Specialist School Psych programs but no PhD.


My schools are:






CUNY Brooklyn


I'm actually starting to wish I applied to a couple more schools now :( Anyone hear anything yet?

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just wondering if any applied and or has heard from the School Psychology program at UCSB?! Apps were due in November and I haven't heard a thing!


I do not know if the entire process is wrapped (multiple interview weekends? not sure), but I have heard from others that at least one interview weekend has already occurred, and some offers have since been extended, so the window for UCSB may be rapidly closing, if not already shut.

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