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How to measure political influence from small states???

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I'm currently in the middle of outlining the framework and methodology for my master thesis. My thesis is in the field of IR and at the centre of it, is a comparative analysis of Denmark's and Norway's foreign and security policy.


One of the questions I'll be seeking to answer is how a small state actor can gain or lose influence based on the choices it makes on participation in multinational military operations. Here I'll be using Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya as casestudies.


Norway and Denmark have had very different approaches despite them being very similar countries. Denmark has been very offensive and riskwilling and Norway has chosen the opposite.


Now, my question is..., does anyone know of theories or authors that describes a framework for measuring influence in the international realm. Albeit this framework will of course not be very mathematical of nature, I would appreciate this instead of having to try and create one myself. I want to find out whether or not the states mentioned have benefitted in terms of influence based on the strategies for participation. I know it may be a quite daunting task, and I therefore appreciate any help you can give me!


A few extra pieces of information. I am working in a constructivistic paradigm and distinguishing between the levels of system, state and individual. Power, small states and strategic culture are the main concepts of my thesis.




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Here is a book that might help you in your studies. It is called, "Beyond Great Powers and Hegemons: Why Secondary States Support, Follow or Challenge." Its authors are Kristen P. Williams, Steven E. Lobell, and Neal G. Jesse. Whit is its a edited volume it may contain some information that may be helpful to you in your research. 


All the best in your studies!





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