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UX/UI design statement of purpose

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hi everyone!


Well the title states it all about my questions. I have decided to apply for gradute school at a local university. I am sort of non excited simply because the last time I applied for grad school 2 years ago I applied for 12 school around the nation in an art program (i am a art student....i know) anyways after applying to then all and even spending alot of money (lets see 12 x app fee and portfolio fee) I got NO postive results, yup not even one acceptance letter! So i may be jaded this time around. But I have found a program and a field I REALLLY want to study that is tech/design related. Anyways I really have no experience (professional or school) in this field other than working in a IT department years ago. I have to submit a design portfolio (i think I can do that) but the problem is the statement of purpose. I really dont know how to begin to write a SoP for a technical degree. I know let your light and experience shine. Well really i can and probavbly will do that but can anyone recomment anything that i should include in the SoP?


I personally dont think ithis will get an acceptance letter, beucase the dept will want to accept a minor that has a undergrad in bioengineering or some off wall thing, and overlook a white kid that has a high GPA and previous experience with IT and design. Help?

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