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Interested in forensic toxicology... what should I do for grad school??

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Hello everyone,


I am right now in my 4th of 5 years obtaining a double degree in Chemistry and Forensic Science, and I am starting to look towards grad school. Not really too sure of what masters degree I should look for. I am very interested in forensic toxicology, and would like to pursue that as a career once I am finished with my masters.


Should I start looking at schools with MS in forensic toxicology? Or MS in forensic science? Or just suck it up and go for the PhD in chemistry? Or even pharmacology could be an option. I am not that motivated by straight chemistry, so the PhD program does not really appeal to me.


I guess I am just confused on what may be the best path for me. I know there are very few forensic toxicology programs, so I don't know how credible they are in the eyes of employers.


What are your opinions about all this? Anything really helps at this point.



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Thanks for getting back to me!


I was kinda thinking along those lines anyways. I'm hoping to get in touch with some technicians at actual crime labs sometime soon and hear what they would recommend.


I appreciate the help!!

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