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What to make of this EMAIL?

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Hey.. I got this email from a Prof (CC'd to other profs) saying that the Department had reviewed my file and they have "strongly reccomended my admission". They add that this will go to the Admissions office, and this office will send me formal letters of admission and financial aid.

Now, my only concern is that I don't know if this is full funding or partial, which would make or break my prospect for going to the Uni.

Does anyone know if this means that "strongly reccomended" means that this is likely to be a package or is it too difficult to read that into the mail?

I'm pretty anxious!

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If I got that e-mail, I would do one of three things:

1) E-mail back and say thanks for letting me no...but the email didn't mention details on funding. This is important to me and I am curious if the funding decisions have been finalized....but be courteous and appreciative.

2) I would ask around as you are and try to get some sort of pattern on the dept. and its typical packages over time and this year, if the data are available.

3) I would sit back and be happy for a "yes" and wait for the details from the admissions office.

I would actually lean towards a combination of all three of these. Just my 2 cents.

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Thanks for that. Actually I have followed the option 3 you mentioned.

I was told not to be too needy!~ :) and to wait it out. Also, I was thinking of asking more substantive questions ont he program/dept to the prof, to express my genuine interest.

Did anyone get something similar? Any info wuld be great!

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I got one similar originally, but now I know more details. Option 3 would have been better on this one as the decisions had not been made yet. I couldn't wait, but it worked out ok. I do think expressing genuine interest is a good idea. Good luck!

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