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Cruise spot for an undergrad researcher/stowaway, with a catch


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OK, so I'm going on a terribly long cruise, and I'd love to free up some of that time for myself to write. One of the jobs taking up time is the Winkler (O2) titrations for the ship. So I would love to find me an undergrad or someone currently killing time to split these with me, and there are spare berths. I could provide all training on ship, and it would end up being about 3 hours of chemistry a day plus a few hours every other day helping with sample collection off the side. The data would make a fine undergrad thesis. Or if it is an artsy person, they could paint and write or whatevs most of the day. I just need somebody detail oriented, otherwise no skills really needed.


So here is the giant catch:

The cruise leaves and departs from exotic ports of call. I'd estimate airfare to be ~$2000 by the time all is said and done, and I don't have money to bring anyone.

So do you folks know anyone with access to travel money for research/education opportunities? I know a lots of small liberal arts colleges have pots specifically for such opportunities, but I don't think our undergrad campus has that sort of money to spare.


If you find somebody that could make this happen, PM me and I'll forward my e-mail, and we can start to go through all the details to make this work. It could be a really great opportunity if the travel money can be scrounged. If I don't hear more here I'll go post this in some other forum.

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