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Lulubelle, good luck with MSU, UVM and VA Tech - when I applied 2 years ago they got around 200 applications for roughly 18 spots !! So this time around I applied to schools that hopefully I have a better chance of getting into. UConn was my (first choice ) reach school because I know it's up there with Penn State and MSU in popularity.


I also applied to NC State, U of Seattle, U of San Fransisco and University of Miami. Originally I had considered UT-Knoxville and University of the Pacific and from where Im standing I regret not applying there - but can't do much about it now. Hopefully something that is the right fit will present itself, for the both of us.


I know a little bit about Columbia, SC if you have any questions!

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Thanks, Holly! I'm starting to realize that I didn't have the best strategy when applying because I didn't know quite how popular some of these schools were. Good luck on your applications! I grew up near N.C. State, but I see that you're from North Carolina, so you probably are familiar with it already. 


I'll let you know if I have any questions about Columbia. I'm hoping to get a good feel for it when I visit next month.

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yes - I currently live in Raleigh - so i'm quite familiar with NC State !


when I applied for the FA2011 semester in FA2010, I didn't realize I was applying to the most popular / top tier / in-demand programs ( Penn State, UCONN, MSU, UVM ) either! Hopefully you don't have to venture down the path I had to take and you'll actaully get accepted to a school with an assistantship!


good luck!!

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