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[Germany] a self-proposed interview after phone interview? and process of qualification recognition


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Hello all, I am a bit excited and would like to share my situation and get some opinions or point of view from you.


1. I got a phone interview offer 2 days before, and the POI would like to call me on the day follow. that means I got less than 24 hours for the preparation. Anyway the interview went well ( i think) and she commented me as "although the field is not an exact match, I call you based on your good experience in the lab with publication and both of your reference are really nice." and she said I seem to be interested in the project. I said I planned to fly to Germany in March, and she asked if I got some interviews by then? I said (honestly) I applied for several positions at the same time and I still not yet get any interview offers (as they are still on going and the deadline is in Feb). however i will go to Germany for holidays even I don't have any interview. I asked if i can come and drop by the institute? she then replied that I can come and then I can talk to her big boss, also she actively followed to ask for my exact date of arrival. then I said still not yet confirmed and will inform her right away for arrangement via email. She said it is ok to keep the email thing.


so for this one do you think the POI is just out of politeness or she really likes to see me going and have a visit? And am I seems to have any chance in getting the offer?


2. I contacted a POI via email in Dec. Then he just asked for my reference and CV and then asked me to go to Germany for an interview. Then I suggested sometime around Feb and then he didn't reply. I thought that it was over and moved on. suddenly he contacted me again and stated that his job will post on some website on the day follow and ask me to fill in the application. I then thank him for the information and then he replied to remind me to indicate his project in the application. so then I finished the application the next day and then he contacted his secretary (i guess?) to ask for my documentary to go thought the qualification recognition. (the application still on and haven't hit the deadline yet)


this is so far i get to now. As actually the POI didn't say nothing on the admission and neither did i ask anything about to get an offer from him (I still not yet gone to interview!). also of course i am not going to harasser anyone including me myself. No one can promise nothing before the proper procedure. Just I think it is time to spill this out and discuss with you guys that what does this look like? is this good? as actually i am already very tried in emailing after 100s of same procedure and not really having progress.....


here is my profile if this is useful:

GPA: 2.3 (3rd honor)

MSc with research thesis

3 publications, one 1st author, two name in the middle, another one is in progress

2 strong LoR, one from highly prestigious professor (my current supervisor plus master supervisor)

4 years of lab experience (coordinating NIH project)

GRE: V:144, Q:160, AW:3.5

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