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Others Managing Learning Disabilities?


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I have struggled with ADD and dyslexia my entire life.  Thankfully, I've had the familial and academic support to not let this get between me and what I want to do.  This past semseter I began a PhD program at a first tier university.  It was rough, but I managed to get through it without anything more catastrophic than some sleepless nights and a yawning abyss where my social life used to be.  I'm curious if others are in a similar position, especially with the dyslexia.  I'd love to hear what strategies you've found to be helpful, maintainable and effective.  If it helps, my degree is in the qualitative social sciences.

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I have dyslexia and ADD. I was very lucky in my undergrad year because my school had GREAT resources. There are days when its so frustrating. Especially the dyslexia, every time I write a paper I find myself using certain words that are easier to spell then others, and its so difficult to explain what its like to other people. I even had a professor once tell me she did not believe learning disabilities are a real things.

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