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The stuff that you dont learn in MSW programs, where to find it?


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I am a grad of the NYU MSW program and in the process of looking for a job. What i realized is that one of the major areas which I received no education in is the benefits field. Unfortunately during my field placements I was not able to play a major role in my clients discharge process or their benefits. I was wondering where can I find more information about this subject, specifically to Medicaid, Medicare, different types of programs, different types of benefits, things that are important to someone who is a discharge planner? Is there another forum that discusses this type of subject? Any websites? Any books i can read to learn more?

thank you very much for your time

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Firstly, I am located in Canada and do not have extensive knowledge of services in the USA.  However, what I would suggest is doing internet searches on the topics you need more info on as program websites often give you a breakdown of how to access that service. As a social worker, the best way to learn is being out in the field.  You will eventually pick up a lot of information through your colleagues and networking with other service providers.  Social work is really a field where you learn more on the job than you can in any classroom.

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A lot of universities offer continuing education professional development seminars, and there might be some on that topic. In New York, it seems very possible that you could seek out a professional development or other sort of class or seminar...for example, I know that the Social Security Administration sometimes does presentations to consumers and agencies that interact with the benefits field. Otherwise, I'd just talk about it being a field that you're interested to know more about in your cover letters/interviews, and cite other times that you have helped clients navigate complex processes or have networked with other agencies. 

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