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Public Policy Careers That Require CPA Knowledge?

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Hi all,


I am throwing a bit of a curveball from my last post. I recently got accepted to a masters of accounting program, and given that I like accounting and it provides me a solid entry into a good job (either at a Big 4 consulting firm, investment bank, or even a corporate job), I'm probably going to attend as I feel that it will only open up avenues for me in the future.


My question is, what areas of public policy could having a strong background in accounting and potentially finance be especially useful? I will not be focusing on tax, so anything related to that is out of the question, however besides audits, accountants are frequently used for bankruptcy/financial distress situations, budgeting, or even by the FBI for tracking paper trails that fund terrorism/white-collar crime in general. 


I was wondering if there were areas of public policy that relate to accounting, particularly forensics (this is the tracking paper trails that fund criminal activities area of accounting) or restructuring (bankruptcy/distressed situations). I know for sure that i eventually want to work for the public sector/a large NGO, but I feel that rebranding myself at a better school and with an advanced credential after getting a more prestigious job will enhance my chances of attending a good public policy school someday. I want to be at the intersection of finance/accounting and public policy, and need help figuring out good ways to achieve this means. 



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