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Previous Academic Requirements

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Hello to all members.


I was wondering if anyone could please help regarding a doubt i have. I want to apply to the MIA at SIPA Columbia University. In their admissions page they specify that they want candidates who have a record of success university level courses of 'statistics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, calculus'. I have a BA in International Relations from a British university. In my 3 year degree we were not given the option to take economics courses. Ridiculous I know but thats the way it was. Now I am faced with the dilemma of having to make up for this gap by trying to be a non-degree student at a university.

Heres the problem.

1. I am working full time so I can only take classes at night or in the late evening.

2. I have asked all the universities in my city (i live in a small Latin americna country) and none offer night classes, including US universities with campuses here.


It seems that I only have two options. Either quit my job to be able to take day time classes to fullfill the requirements, or take online courses.


My question is: Are 3 credit online courses on Introduction to Economics, Microeconomics and Macro from an american university enough to fullfill this requirement? Or are online courses not deemed the same as a semester long course?


Thank you for any responses.

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