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Was accepted - need to phone prof!


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I recently found out that I've been accepted somewhere - after what seemed like a long wait (but is probably perfectly normal for an international)! Unfortunately, my silly phone isn't working at the moment - great timing, right - so when the prof tried to call me, he couldn't get through. He asked me to call him back to discuss things.

I was wondering what these acceptance-type phone calls usually entail? I'm not sure they're as common in Britain, and I've definitely not experienced anything similar before. I do have a couple of questions I wanted to ask anyway, so that gives me material.

I think the hard part is going to be not getting over-excited: first acceptance means I'm definitely going to 'grad school' in America!

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They usually tell you about the program requirements (e.g. when do you do your orals/other exams, funding structure, courses, etc.) as well as things like whether or not they have things like lab rotations, or if you do mostly courses in first year, or if it's a mix etc. They might also tell you about an upcoming visit weekend and how to make those arrangements and answer any questions you might have!

Congrats! :)

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Thanks! Made the call; was decidedly non-stressful. For anyone else wondering, he talked about visit days and amount of reimbursement I could get for them as an international. Not so much of the above, but for this particular place most of that information is given in good detail on the website, so would have been unnecessary anyway.

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