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I was invited to an open house for ASU chemical engineering (They're covering flight cost and hotel). Does anyone know if these events are unofficial acceptances or if they're inviting everyone who applied out or they're something else?

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I can't speak to that program, but I got a similar invitation from one of mine ($1000 on flight, hotel, meals, etc). They only invited 15 people and they graduate about 30 Ph.D.'s a year, so I'm taking it as a good sign. 


Try to see in the email how many people got invited, and how many they accept/graduate in the program each year. Might give you a ballpark idea of what it means. Generally from reading the forums it isn't a 100% acceptance, but you are clearly near the top of the list. I think these events you are selling yourself just as much as they are selling the program to you.


Best of luck!

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