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Hello, I need some advice on studying for a Master's degree. But here's some informations first.


Some background first. I am a Moroccan student and I study Marketing and Communications in Morocco, I am going to graduate in this summer and obtain my bachelors degree in that field, my school follows the American system so we work in semesters and have a GPA, my current GPA is 4.15.


So life's dandy and I'm ( or have been) looking for a Master's degree. My plan had been to go to a foreign country (US or UK) to continue studying in Marketing and also try to study for Communication Design because I have some bacground in design as well and would like to merge the two fields of design and Marketing communications (brand communication and all that...), and studying in a Foreign country is always better than studying in Morocco to develop more skills.


And here's where my problem comes: some pretty drastic family problems happened and so now I don't have the funds to go study abroad. Now I'm stuck in here, and more importantly, while I can study Marketing and Communication more in depth, I can't study deign anymore (no such schools here!)


Does anyone know of an online masters degree in design? Preferably MA or MFA or MS Communication Design? Someone showed me the RMIT Communication design program that lasts 1.5 years but I don't have an extensive design background because I haven't studied for a design bachelors , has anyone studied there or something? 

Please help me! Do you know of an online design master's degree suitable for people with not a very extensive background in design?


Thanks guys:



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