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2 year deferment?


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Does anyone know if schools will defer for two years? I know most will defer for one upon acceptance.... 


I'd call the school myself but I wanted to do some research on the topic so I know the best way to approach this subject with them (if there is room for me to convince admissions of a second deferment)


Thanks everyone for your help!

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It won't happen. That is asking them to hold funding in reserve for way too long. No department can predict their financial situation that far out. You'll have to reapply. Now you are already one year deferred, so I realize this is a little different, but even so, the broader university admins generally have a blanket policy that overrules any specific desire by the department. Think of it this way--right now, they can't take someone who could be doing productive work because they are holding a spot for you (the budget has to be there, they aren't just pushing you into the next year's applicant pool), and you are asking them to do that again? Had they just accepted someone else in your place previously they would have a student who would have completed their masters in the time it has taken you to decide to attend.

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The only way your admission can be deferred for two years is if you're participating in another education-related fellowship/service opportunity, such as Teach for America, Peace Corps, or AmeriCorps. If your reason for a deferment does not involve that, the school will not reserve your acceptance.

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