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Question about GRE Identity documents


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Hi guys, first time poster! Always read intently and never needed to ask a question until now but here goes. I am booking my GRE test today and a question about the name on the test and the name on my ID.

I used (perhaps rather stupidly now) a shortened form of my name (think Mike instead of Michael) because that is how I applied to the schools in question and wanted continuity. My ID gives my full first name. Is this going to be a problem? On the GRE website, it mentions my last name needs to match the one on my ID but nothing about first names. Any ideas? Do you think the invigilators maybe difficult about the ID showing my full first name and my test name being shortened?


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Was Mike/Michael just a theoretical example, or is that actually your name? I would imagine you'll be fine if it is a common nickname like that, or like Matt/Matthew, Judith/Judy, Jennifer/Jen, etc. I would only be concerned if it's something more obscure (Elizabeth/Buffy) or potentially confusing (John/Jack). Maybe call the test center in advance?

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