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Some days ago I received this email and will be grateful if you can give me your opinion... 


Your application for admission to the Princeton University’s Graduate School for the 2013-2014 academic year indicates a promising ability to succeed in the graduate program and has been reviewed favorably by the Department of Mathematics.  Unfortunately, because of the large number of well-qualified applicants and the small number of program openings, it is not possible to offer you admission at this time.  However, in the coming weeks that may change.  We have placed your name on a waiting list and are reserving a final decision until we know whether we will be able to make additional offers of admission to the Department of Mathematics. 


We realize that you also must decide about graduate study very soon and will make every effort to provide a more definite answer as soon as possible.  In the meantime, if you have questions about your status, please contact the Department of Mathematics directly.  If you would rather accept another institution's offer and decline being on added to the waiting list for Princeton, please contact the Graduate Admission Office at 609-258-3034 or gsadmit@princeton.edu


Thank you for patience and understanding.




William B. Russel




I want to know some opinions about my chances to be accepted in the program, I don't know if someone in the waiting list of princeton have been accepted but I am restless...



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