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What is the best approach to finding short-term research jobs with a PhD?


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Hi Gradcafe,


I recently graduated PhD and put in an application for a postdoctoral fellowship award, which has the decision notification in July. In the meantime, I am moving back to my home town and I would like to find some short-term research jobs there. What is the best approach to finding these types of positions? Online job postings don't really help, as most are out of the scope of my training, non-research oriented, or no listings available at all. Should I email research institutes' generic emails with a brief inquiry letter outlining my intentions and background? Or should I email specific professors/scientists directly?



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hello,plz help me with answer to my friend question

between 1.phd in strategic management 2.phd in technology management(innovation) and 3.phd in marketing management which of them have best SITUATION(case) for finding work in norway or denmark

and which of them is easy to find phd course in norway or denmark

plzzzzz answer to my friend question it is very importatnt

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