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PhD program interview questions

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Hi fellow Communcation scholars~


I have a question. I gotten an interview from one of my safety school and I was hoping if current PhD students can provide me some list of possible questions they will ask. Just a few questions so I can practice beforehand. Any surprising questions that you encountered?


Also, they also gave me options to do a Skype or face to face interview. I'm financially not that stable so right now and it's a safety school so I'm leaning more toward Skype interview. Anyone have done Skype interview for PhD program? I know that face to face interview is so much better, but I still have 8 more schools to go and I want to save my money for other schools. Any advice?


Thank you everyone in advance and good luck!

Waiting period is always so harsh!

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"If you could be any infamous dictator, who would it be and why?"


But seriously, know yourself and know the program. That is, think about your CV and SOP. Ex:

What are your interests? Why have you chosen this program? What are your career goals? I see you're interested in X, could you elaborate on how that interest developed?

These types of questions are really all that you can/should prepare for. You could get any kind of crazy question, or simply something you weren't expecting.

Know yourself, know the program.

And be sure to have a couple questions ready for them.

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