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I received an admissions offer from SIPA with no funding, and the price is even more than than I expected. They just released tuition figures: $42K for the 09-10 academic year compared to $36K for the previous year.

But as the price increases, my impression of the program is dwindling somewhat. I am getting mixed reviews from current SIPA students and alumni with regard to the sincerity of their 2nd-year award statistics (http://themorningsidepost.com/2008/08/5 ... very-time/) and the faculty/student body (viewtopic.php?f=67&t=15518#p70971).

I am still waiting for a response from SAIS, but am posing myself the question already. Is the New York City location worth sacrificing some quality in the program that I choose, and is SIPA really even a sacrifice?

Is anyone dealing with a similar issue or can anyone chime in with respect to these two programs (SIPA and SAIS)?

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Hi, I'm also applying to both schools and considering both of them. Thanks for the link to the SIPA Morningside.

I met with a professor/department head of the concentration that I am applying for at SAIS and he's soooo NICE and I happened to have 2 coworkers who went to SAIS and currently attending and they both loved it. Plus, it's much smaller compared to SIPA (am I right?) like the language class have less than 10 students so that you can really gain proficiency.

I tried to go to SAIS website to hear if they have something similar like the SIPA Morningside, but still have no luck. Let me know if you find one. But, for me, I think the financial aid will make the biggest difference, plus I'm already in DC. And SAIS has the concentration that I want, which I don't think SIPA has. But, I haven't heard from any of them.

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I have a good friend at SAIS currently who sat down and drew up a mock schedule for me. I only wish that I had someone to do the same for SIPA, so I could be evaluating the two on a level playing field. I'm in DC, and plan to see an adviser at SAIS if I'm accepted, and will head up to NYC and Boston to check out the schools there, as well. I know a personal, real-time experience at the university will leave an impression, but money is a huge factor, too.

I haven't seen any SIPA awards on the results page here, and don't know what I'll be able to squeeze out of them in the second year. The tuition is considerably higher ($42) than any of the other programs (e.g. Tufts $35K, SAIS $33K for 08-09). I guess we will see what SAIS offers, if anything, before I start to write off anybody.

I originally made this post because I was hearing negative things about the interaction between student and faculty at SIPA--that the program was too big and impersonal. I was hoping some SIPA grads would throw their hat into the ring to counter that, but they have yet to chime in.

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I'm a visiting student at SIPA right now, taking courses along with regular degree students - I've only been here this semester so my experience is arguably limited.

So far my impression is that the school is definitely bigger than several of the other top policy programs and you will feel this in some aspects like during the core curiculum, which mostly features large classes and little faculty contact. However there are a lot of seminars and workshops with small classes, all of my professors have been very open and willing to engage with students, and there are several research projects to get involved with if you seek them out.

Ultimately I believe your experience will depend on which of the professors you wish to work with and how proactive you are.

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CAn someone elaborate more on the pros/cons of SIPA? I got into SAIS and SIPA, and both are giving me zero money. First year of SAIS would be in Italy, but if I go to SIPA I would live at home and save on room and board. Is there a huge difference between the two schools in reference to employer recognition? Any SIPA or SAIS students, I'd love to hear your thoughts

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Hi Everyone,

I got into SIPA but didn't apply to SAIS. Currently, I am debating whether I can take on a huge loan due to no scholarship from SIPA.

Does anybody have any real visibility about employability after SIPA?

Do you guys think the price tag is worth it?

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