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rejected for funding , chances without funding


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I have applied for CS grad programs for fall 2013 . Today I received the decision from university of delaware and was not approved for admission . This was quick considering I applied only 10 days earlier . Their deadline for applying with funding was 1st Feb . They had an option in their application that if you are applying with funding , you will not be considered without funding if rejected in the funding round. I applied with funding and am not approved . So my question is , what are the chances of admission if I reapply without funding .


My gre score is :

Quant : 163

Verbal : 156

Writing : 3.5


I am currently in the final year of my CSE undergrad course from an Indian University in New Delhi , and so I dont have my score in GPA . My score is 64 % till now which converts to around 3.4 GPA according to scale provided by university of delaware.


I have not published any papers but have a few websites live about which I have mentioned in the SOP . Considering all these what do you think are the chances for MS in computer science.


other University's I have applied to are :


washington state university 

rutgers , new brunswick

suny stony brook

university of arizona

university of virginia

suny buffalo

george mason

university of delaware 

university of minnesota 


Also , suggest a few univs at this score if these are too demanding for admission



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