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Getting degree in "Biomedical Science" or "Neuroscience"


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Hi everyone,

I am a Fall 2013 neuroscience applicant and I was wondering what your thoughts were on getting a PhD. in general biomedical science vs. neuroscience. I've recently been accepted to a biomedical science graduate program with a neuroscience "concentration".  Do you think it will hinder my chances of working in a neuro-specific field if I have a degree from general "biomedical sciences" rather than neuroscience? If anyone has any insight, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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When you are trying to hired, what matters is when you talk about what you did/your thesis topic. Example. I met someone who was in charge of running a company and had to hire someone for water work, etc. Many applicants came, but he ultimately hired someone with a Geography masters. It was an atypical background, so he had to justify why. That Master's student did work on sanitizing sub-saharan African water resources, so even if the name of the degree isn't exact the project was. So I'd say as long as your work remains distinctly neuroscience related, you will be able to show future employers your capability.


Then again, neuroscience might be a completely different beast, and I should just shut up. Regardless, congratulations on your acceptance!

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