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Applying while abroad?


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First of all I feel like I've been spamming this forum lately, so I'm sorry!! I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS OKAY.


I have a question regarding the application process. I'm a third year undergrad in New York right now, and I'll be spending next fall semester in a museum internship in London (!!!). As excited as I am, I'm also sort of dreading the fact that I'll need to be applying to PhD programs from across the Atlantic ocean. (One advantage is that I'm applying to two programs in the UK, so I'll at least be close to those and will be able to go visit.) I know everything is pretty much done online, but do you think this will pose a serious problem? 


The deadlines for most of my programs are 1-2 weeks after I get back to the states, so I won't really be able to leave everything until after I'm back. 


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Have you taken the GREs yet? That's the only difficulty I can foresee. I know they have testing sites abroad, but I'm not sure what the price comparison is or how many options you have in London for testing sites. But other than that, you really shouldn't have any problems.


And congrats on the internship! That is stellar!

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