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Ciao tutti,

It seems like those who applied to the PhD Italian program at UCLA is a very small niche, but in case you're driving yourself to madness like I am, I called today and they said they should be posting their decisions within the next two weeks. Fingers crossed and in bocca al lupo! ;)

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I have been accepted to UCLA for a different program, Hispanic Linguistics, but my undergraduate degree was in Italian and my Master's was half in Italian, half in Spanish. Italian lit/linguistics are a strong secondary focus and, I plan to incorporate elements of that into my studies on language contact and sociolinguistics in the Romance languages.


I am currently evaluating my options (I have two other admits so far, too) and I am wondering how you rate UCLA's Italian program. I know that historically it has been very strong, but I also heard that it went through a lot of strife during the financial crisis and might have even lost some important faculty.


Have you had an interview or any other contact with them? What is your proposed specialization?


Crepi il lupo!

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