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Rice ECE Spring Grad Event


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Hello all, I applied to the ECE PhD program at Rice and heard from them on Jan 25. They stated that based on the merits of my application, they invited me to Rice ECE Spring Grad Event which will be held between Feb 21-23.


During this event, applicants will have chances to participate in an ECE reception, attend an ECE Professor's presentation and join in Q&A sessions with ECE professors. Of course, they are going to pay all the food, housing and travel expenses.


Unfortunately, I am not in the U.S. and due to the expiration of my f-1 Visa, it is impossible for me to travel overseas to Houston to attend this event. I just replied them leaving my skype name and indicated that I would be ready to take any interview via skype.


I do not really understand the admission procedure for Rice ECE, it seems that they should offer the admission to students before inviting them to the Grad Event. Otherwise, they should arrange skype interview between professors and applicants instead of inviting applicants to the Grad Event.


My question is that is anyone familiar with Rice ECE admission procedure, do they have interviews besides the Spring Grad Event? How likely are they going to admit me since I am not able to show up in this event? 


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