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"Transferring" programs because advisor left--The Edge or The Cut?


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Hey grads and grad appers,


Anyone have any experience with re-apping once they have started a PhD program in the Humanities because an advisor left? Did this give you an edge or the chopping block?  I've heard so much mixed feedback on this: some say it gives you an edge, because you are already in the academy, and there isn't the same "gatekeeping" mentality, and the sense of understanding that sometimes students get the short end of the stick with poachings.  Others say that programs don't like to take sloppy seconds, or will wonder why you are not just moving with your advisor.


In my case, it was several faculty and potential advisors that left, with one real advisor,--so it wasn't about following a specific person, and the one's I could have followed, did not move to programs that fit my interests correctly. I did not mention the details in my statement, I only mentioned that because several key faculty and advisors recently left, I am looking to establish my work in a more suitable home. I only mentioned the one ex-advisor by name in a few of the apps--the ones he recommended me for (since his area was not relevant to all my apps). 


I'm just not sure what to expect! 


Any experience with this?

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Ummmm....your user name stopped me in my tracks for a few seconds before I realized it was referring to comp. lit....


My advisor was recently denied tenure, and told me that it shouldn't be a problem to get into another program because the situation isn't my fault and adcoms understand that these things happen. I ultimately decided to change my area of specialization so I could stay in the department and not have to reapply, move, etc, but it seems that as long as you have good recs and the situation was clearly out of your hands, no one is going to hold that against you.

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