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Still Waiting to Hear From the University of Washington??

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In the results, it looks like a large chunk of people were rejected earlier this month (and a small number accepted)... but I still haven't heard anything from them and online it insists that my application is complete and that I will be notified via email. No news is good news I guess...

Is anyone else in the same situation? I'm hoping we've made it to the waiting list at least and they just haven't notified us yet!

To those accepted: if you're not planning to attend, please let them know as soon as possible!

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You should contact the department, I actually received an email letting me know that I was waitlisted. It is important to note, however, that they are not funding people well this year and thus my wait list position is for an unfunded spot. If you have other offers (funded), best not to worry too much about UW this year.

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Hmmm... Ok, thanks for the info. I haven't heard anything at all yet. And online it just says that I will be contacted by email.

But most programs seem to be struggling with funding in the current economic climate - so I think I will be facing this problem anywhere I am accepted.

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