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My GRE Score for MS in CS at Top univ - Should I Retake?


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           This is my Profile in brief:


CGPA (Until 7th semester):   9.25/10  (Topper until now)

MAJOR:    Computer Science

PROJECTS DONE: 3 (In Networking and Cloud computing)

GRE SCORE:  315/340


                    ---> VERBAL:  153/170  - 56th percentile

                    ---> QUANTS:  162/170 - 86th percentile

                    --->  AWA:        5.0/6.0   - 92nd percentile

TOEFL SCORE: Expecting 105+


                 I'm eyeing for universities like GEORGIA_TECH, UPENN, USC, NCSU and UCLA. Should I retake GRE and score high in my Quants and AWA in order to increase my chances of admit in these univ.? Please help. I really prepared well for the GRE, but I was tensed during the exam and this pulled down my Verbal score drastically. Please voice out your suggestions and help me.


P.S: I will be applying for FALL-2014 and will be having 1 year of Work-Experience in a Networking based company. So I have time left to retake GRE, if needed for sure.


Please help me out guyz...!!


Thanks a ton!


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If you feel you can do significantly better, it doesn't hurt to retake the test. Perhaps you'll be less tense the second time around.


However, I don't think your scores are all that low, and your AW is great. Check out the programs' guidelines if available.

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I would have to agree with everyone about retaking the test. I am not a computer science student, nor do I have a math background, but achieving a better score should be possible for someone applying to CS. I took the GRE pretest and got an unmentionable score. I spent four months working with the Manhattan Test prep books and saw my score on the actual GRE jump up to 157. It was a double digit jump. I am preparing to take the GRE again after completing the CliffsNotes Math Review for Standardized Tests and my practice scores are all above 160.


I wish you all the luck in the world.

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