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Chemistry at University of Minnesota at Twin-Cities


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Hi everyone.


I've been admitted to both PhD programs in Michigan State University and University of Minnesota in Chemistry, with roughly equivalent stipends in each. My advisor has a PhD from MSU, so I am considering working in his field too. But Minnesota is ranked slightly better. So I like MSU too.


Now I'm waiting for the decision from University of Wisconsin at Madison and Cornell (which seems like an impossibility). I'm basically NOT prepared for a rejection from University of Wisconsin at Madison.


I am therefore wondering if someone could draw a comparison between UW-Madison and Minnesota. I guess both are somewhat similar in living costs and as a city/weather, etc I'm not much worried.


I'm just confused about the reputation of both as good places. In Minnesota, my advisor is Tolman, who is editor-in-chief of ACS inorganic chemistry! I thought I'd get a comparison here.


Thanks in advance!

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Basically I am just seeking a comparison between Uni of Minnesota and Uni of Wisconsin Madison. I've read about the former being a well-rounded research school and all. That's awesome. But the overall rankings show UW-M to be better.

In the US News Ranking, UW-Madison is 7 in Chemistry and UMN is 21. I want to carry out my visa procedures asap, and I want to know if I should wait or not by giving UW-Madison more time. I guess they've probably sent out quite a few emails of acceptances already, and I am just worried sick about whether I'll get it. So I am seeking a comparison as grad school, or the feel of how one is almost similar or better from the other.

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Out of curiosity, what area of chemistry are you planning to focus on? I ask because I've also been accepted to MSU and U of Minnesota and am waiting to hear from a few others, including UIUC and UW Madison.

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Well, if I go to MSU, I'll probably pursue something bioorganic chemistry/chemical biology. In Minnesota though I'd pursue chemical biology, at least so far this is my plan. I'm waiting for Wisconsin too. I'll decide after that for sure. 

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