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How do I get OUT of submitting a paper with a non-supervisor?

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So basically, I have a deadline for a paper tomorrow, it is not being written with my PhD supervisors but instead a lecturer from the university I did my undergraduate at (they liked my work, we submitted to a conference but were rejected and now we want to re-submit to another venue). There's not much done (the data is all there), this is mostly because I had to finish a paper with my supervisors a few days ago.

The problem is twofold, firstly, one of my supervisors and other academics I know are on the committee for the new venue. This means, they will see the paper (although be unable to say yes/no to its acceptance).

The second problem is, I am actually extremely embarrassed with the work and depth of the studies, it was for an undergraduate project after all. My PhD research isn't even statistics-based, so it wouldn't help me much to submit this paper and I feel it could actually damage me if my supervisor(s) feel it is not very good.

So, I am wondering, how do I tell the co-author I do not want to submit? Bear in mind, I basically have to tell them NOW or at least early tomorrow. And will this actually damage my reputation more than submitting?

This wasn't a problem when the paper was first submitted, but after the peer reviews we received it has to be dumbed down and unlike before my supervisors may now read it.

Best wishes,

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If you feel it's below par don't do it and tell them. Otherwise why not submit besides effort. Get use to have ing deadlines and putting in effort if that's the drawback


Thanks. I like deadlines, my last submission was good fun (in spite of misgivings). If my supervisors weren't on the committee I'd have no problem submitting this. But they are, so I'd rather not...


My plan is to get it near-completion tonight, send it to the co-author and ask what they think. But I don't think they have much to lose so I doubt they'd agree with me...

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Indeed, this might damage your reputation. I would find this highly unprofessional. Yet, not having the paper finished and thus submitting a sub-par piece is also unprofessional. You're between a rock and hard place.

I hope you make it work. Good luck.

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Thanks for the advice! Okay, so for anyone's future reference here is what I did. First, I contacted the co-author with my concerns and mentioned that I was worried because their name was on it too. They said not to feel under pressure to submit from them, but at the same time I shouldn't worry about who is on the committee. I decided not to submit and told them this. I think this is for the best, there are way too many highly-esteemed colleagues on the committee and even if it was a blind review I do find it objectionable to spam submissions.


In this case the deciding factor was that the paper submission was on work unrelated to my PhD, therefore it wouldn't improve my reputation in the way I'd like and could damage it. The fact that the co-author was understanding also helped a lot.

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