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What are my chances at these schools, after deadline?


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So, I have been stressing because I missed the priority deadline on some of the schools I applied to. I am applying for a masters in geophysics.

A.S. completed at age 18

B.S. in Physics

GPA is 3.28/4.00

GRE scores 155 Verbal 164 Quantitative 3.5 Writing

Summer research in Nano/Electrical engineering- will have patent and will be published- coauthor on both- project was new 2D semiconductor.

Involvement with several clubs.

10 years professional work experience.

Lab TA/Grader for 3 semesters.

4 great recommendations.


I applied to(by the priority deadline)-

Montana Tech

Southern Methodist University

Michigan Tech (rolling)


I applied to(after the priority deadline)-


Colorado School of Mines

South Dakota School of Mines


Most desired is Colorado mines, then Rice, and third is SMU.

Any thoughts on chances, getting in/receiving funding on any, I am really upset from just not knowing if I have no chance so be it I just want to know.


-I will be sure to post results for people in the future.

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