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Internship in the UK the Summer Between Undergrad and Grad?

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I studied abroad at Cambridge last summer and fell in love with the UK. I almost chose to apply to PhD programs out there, but chose to stay in the states due to funding concerns and wanting to be near my family. BUT I still have a big itch to go back to the UK whenever possible. When/If I return to the UK, I'd prefer to make money while abroad through an internship, rather than studying abroad again and paying out of pocket, but I'm having issues finding programs that cater to people between undergrad to grad.


I study biomedical engineering with a focus on biosensor technology, but I'd really take any internship relatively related to biomedical sciences or any field of engineering.


I've come across programs through the Wellcome Trust, but these are made for students in the middle of their undergrad degree: http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/Funding/Biomedical-science/Funding-schemes/PhD-funding-and-undergraduate-opportunities/WTD004448.htm


And I've come across many programs that are only valid if I already have a student visa.


Does anyone know how I can find a way to get to the UK and get paid this summer? Or shall I start looking into study abroad options again?

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I do not know much about the funding in the UK for stuff like this. You may want to contact PIs of interest and see if they may have a spot for someone.

I assume that you are a US citizen. If so, I would look at the NIH summer or post-bac programs. They have the US version of what you are asking for and it is a great place to work. You have to contact individual labs to find a position there. Some labs are better than others for giving you a real research project, so ask the right questions before picking one. I would avoid the clinical labs too.

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I had difficulty with my "between undergrad and grad" status when it came to finding funding for internships in the UK...and I'm a Brit! 


My recommendation would be to try and sort something through unofficial, informal channels. Have you worked for any firms in the US that have branches in the UK? Do your mentors (academic or industrial) have any connections to British companies? If there are email addresses that you could forward your CV to, then go for it. It's surprised me in the past just how effective this approach can be.

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