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Canadian MA Applicants?


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I was wondering if anyone has received an acceptance to MA at Canadian universities yet.

I know that most MA programs in Canada's application deadline was either Jan. 15 or Feb. 1. 

Does anyone know when the admission committee start to meet up?


Also, does anyone know much about Queens University's social science department (i.e. sociology, political sci etc)?  I heard from my friend that does her MA at Queens, that her school usually only receives about 50 applications, in which they admit about 10 MA students.  I was very surprised about this because schools like York receives about 300 applications each year and admit about 20-30 students.  (well...I guess it might all depend on each department)  Well, I am assuming that this would mean that I have much more chance of getting in to Queens than York University. 


Does anyone know what usually is a competitive admission average (GPA) to get admitted to schools like Queens or Western?  I would really really appreciate it!! :)

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Wow, congrats everyone for your acceptance! :) 


Do you guys know what usually is competitve average? 


Some profs at my school told me as long as I meet 78% average for my last 2 years, I would be fine on getting acceptance...But I don't think this is true :(  Most school's website states that you need "MIN" of 78% to "APPLY"...not 78% to get accepted.


Does anyone have info on this?!!

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