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Has anyone been accepted in the UT AUSTIN for a Master degree in the ECE department?


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I have been admitted to Master's program on February 8. Yet, it means little because I wanted to attend PhD program and checked Masters and Doctoral Degree as answers to the questions "degree you will seek" and "ultimate degree you will seek", respectively  :mellow:  I did not bother to ask anyone what I should have done simply because I was instructed to do the very same thing in University of Illinois Urbana Champaign's online application. Are you in the same situation or you intended to apply only for Master's degree?

Btw, I am in Communication area so you should not worry given that UT Austin ECE historically do not send out all acceptances within 3-4 days, which makes me think each area makes their decisions on their own.

If I have not been accepted for Masters towards PhD, I am going to decline their offer. 

Good luck.

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Yes, actually im seeking for a master degree :( i applied to the electrical engineering program. I haven't heard anything from them so far . Maybe that means that they denied my admission :( im freaking out. How did they notify you? and exactly for wich program?


Thank you

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I applied for Communications, Networks and Systems(Commnets) academic track. I was notified on February 10 via email indicating that a decision has been made on my application and should check the website. Funny thing is that my acceptance letter had a time stamp of February 8.

By within 3-4 days, I referred to the pattern that Mit and UC Berkeley seem to follow; they are done sending out all acceptances in 3-4 days. Looking at some UT Austin acceptances of past years strongly suggests that the way UT Austin handles sending out acceptances does not bear this characteristic.

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