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Supportive Spouses, Family, Significant Others, Friends, Etc. Appreciation Thread

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The application process was awful, the waiting is worse, and even though I know (that I know that I know) that I want to do this, that I want to take the fool's gamble on pursuing the Ph.D. and a career in academia, the uncertainty of whether or not this will pan out in the end is terrible. But my wife, my mom, dad, in-laws, friends, and church family have been absurdly supportive. My wife holds me up when I'm weak, reassures me that something good will come of all this, despite the odds (even if that something is unexpected), and most importantly, she believes in the work that I do. She may be bored by some of it, but she knows that it all gives me life and she sees the energy I get from reading, writing, and teaching---and she wants to support that. She's already moved once for me, and is willing to do it again. That's ridiculous. Absurd. Foolish! ...And a blessing.


So. Who is it in your life that has supported you thus far in your endeavors towards the Ph.D.? They deserve an internet round-of-applause, for their ministry is incredible.


Edit: Oh, and let's not forget mentors!

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