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Psychology or Public Health Research Project:
Radii 150 is the only organization dedicated to the improvement of Personal Social Health. Through social events, education and fun we strive to provide the maximum amount of opportunities to create solid connections while maintaining a level of comfort.
We are offering any local Graduate Students (Sacramento, Roseville Area) looking for a research topic the opportunity to work with us as we make strides in this new science. We will work with you to gather data, and analyze results.
We are trying to define, measure and improve Personal Social Health. We want to help people on an individual basis find out how socially healthy they are? How connected they are to other people? How much of a Personal Community they have?
While we have searched for existing research into this we have not yet found answers and believe that it is something that should be defined measured and researched.
Please feel free to contact me directly or give my contact information to your students.
Thank you,
~Matthew Heintz, Personal Social Health Expert
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