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Accepted, but no word on funding. Should I contact the department?


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I was accepted for admission to an MA program at my top school last week, and in the email they sent me, they said I should be hearing from the department head regarding my assistantship application "soon." I looked on the school's website, and they said applicants should be notified of funding a week or two following notification of admission. Funding is crucial for me; if I don't get funding, I won't go to graduate school.


It has been well over a week, and I haven't heard a single word from anyone regarding funding, and I'm getting a bit uneasy and becoming consumed by paranoid thoughts (Could they have misplaced or never even received my assistantship application? etc.), so I'm wondering if it would be acceptable for me to send the graduate coordinator an email asking if information regarding a funding decision will be included in my official acceptance packet  ( I haven't even received that yet) or if it will be sent separately. I don't want to come across as desperate and pushy, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Obviously, I don't want to ask directly, "Did I get funding??", so I'm wondering it this is a better approach, or if I should even be asking this early and should wait it out awhile longer. Thank you.

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I would advise waiting a bit more (at least untill two weeks post the initial notification), after which you could inquire whether "any additional information / documents are still required from your side for the assistantship application".

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