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Fall 2013 Stanford EE result


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Dose anyone know when stanford electrical engineering department phd program will announce admission results?

In the last year, they did on Feb. 11.

But, there is not any news yet. I feel nervous waiting for the result.

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I know that the final decision is 4-8 March. I was asking the first day of sending an admission offer email. But thank you narcisso.


Btw, a minute ago, an admission result from stanford ee is uploaded in Results posts.


I am expecting... :)

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Stanford EE has sent out a lot of PhD admits already (as seen on the Results page). Does anybody know whether they have already sent all admits or whether we can still expect some positive results?

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My husband applied to Stanford for EE PhD and received an e-mail last night that he was accepted into the M.S. program-- to us, that is a reject.
In the past (according to old gradcafe results) March is when the rejections come. For all the big schools: MIT, Stanford, Princeton, etc. February is the month of acceptance. If February is a quiet month- no interviews, no e-mails-  then it is (most likely) bad news.
There have been oddities though, sure. Good luck! It isn't over until it is over, as they say around here at gradcafe.  

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I got pretty discouraged at the swath of Stanford EE PHD admits on the results page.


As orly said, on the gradcafe results page, there were no Stanford admits in March 2012, only in Feb 2012. Time's ticking out haha

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