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Upgrading for Admission to MSc or MPH - SFU/UBC/BCIT (Canada)?


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Hi Everyone! 

Hoping to get some advise. 

I currently have a 3 year Bsc. in biology with ~85% average (highest grades in science/math courses) 

I would really like to get into a MPH or MSc (preferably with practicum) in epidemiology


It isn't possible for me to upgrade my degree to a 4 year (nor do I want to). 


Now I have applied to do a second degree:

UBC - Nutritional Sciences or BSc Immunology & Micro

SFU - Health Sciences BSc or BA


But now I am considering applying to:


BCIT - Environmental Health BTech  


This program at BCIT is 2 years and requires two years of undergrad to be accepted. It is the equivalent of taking the second degree (2 year option) for the same specialization at Ryerson Uni and a couple of other universities

It is one of 5 programs that lead to certification as a public health inspector in canada - but all of the other programs (I believe) would take 2 years and you would get a second undergrad from a university... 


BCIT claims that both UBC and SFU MPH programs will consider applicants from this program for admission - but BCIT is unable to provide me with stats on this and I am unable to find anyone that has successfully done this. 


In addition I am unable to attend school outside of Vancouver for the time being. 


I think UBC/SFU second degree would give me the most flexibility when applying to masters programs... (esp MSc)


this program at BCIT would give me something to fall back on (certified public health inspector career) if the masters didn't work out (in terms of relocating/financial etc) or I may end up loving PHI also... 


Anyone have any thoughts this? 

Or anyone who took this BCIT program gained acceptance to a MSc or MPH?

Or any public health inspectors that love what they do? 


Please let me know:) 











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I should note also that I think that the Environmental Health program looks really interesting to me - and if it is as challenging as year 3/4 of an undergrad I would personally prefer it over UBC/SFU... 

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