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What does it mean by 'on list'?


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Hi, guys :)

Last week I saw someone's admission posting (from my top priority school) so I sent E-mail to that department asking how things are going with my application.

The director wrote me back saying at that time when they had a meeting, my application was incomplete so no decision was made. She said that my application is complete now, so they will reconsider my application and decide whether to interview me in two weeks.

The funny thing is that she misspelled my E-mail address at the first time, so I could not receive her E-mail when she actually wrote me back. This morning she forwarded the E-mail to me and there she added this one sentence at the top, 'on list.'

I was like '???????'

Does this mean that I am on interview list? Or are they just reviewing my application?

What do you think?

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