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Ithaca - Lesbian life


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A question from a 30+ lesbian who is thinking of accepting an offer from a university in Ithaca. 


I know the place has a reputation for being super gay-friendly, but I can't stop worrying that being a remote small town with thousands of undergrads it won't offer much in terms of socializing for a single gay woman my age. 


I know it shouldn't be my priority when choosing a program, but being lonely and miserable with no chance of finding companionship for half a decade is not an appealing thought. 


I am hoping someone here can allay my fears because the program is a great fit. So are my concerns valid or am I worrying for nothing?

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I'm not a lesbian, but I have several 30+ lesbian friends in Ithaca and I lived there for 4 years as an undergraduate. Everything you've heard is true (very gay-friendly), and just as there are hotspots for the undergraduate crowd, there's plenty going on for grad students, adults our age (or yours ... I'm almost 40 now), etc.

Just in terms of places to live, I wished so much I could have applied to school in Ithaca but what I'm looking for academically just isn't there. It's a beautiful place to live, tons going on culturally, terrific restaurants, and a really energetic, positive vibe. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Good luck to you!

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